Friday, February 22, 2008

Growing up on Amazon

We recently had a very nice success story written about us at Amazon and Jeff Barr just blogged about that on his AWS blog. Thanks Jeff!

After being on AWS for the past 18 months and having run thousands of server hours without a single minute of lost time on EC2 or S3 Amazon, we had a short interruption of service on S3 due to an overload of authentication request last Friday. What was very ironic was that on the prior Wednesday Amazon posted the before mentioned success story so in my haste to make hay on that, we had a press release that went out on, you guessed it... Friday.

The service outage on S3 didn't take us down per-se but we couldn't stream videos so it effectively shut down our deliver for two hours. Because of the press release and the traffic from Amazon's success story, I received a note from the tech beat reporter at the AP asking to confirm the outage on AWS and our reaction. After debating about it for about 10 seconds, I sent a statement confirming and also describing our pleasure with the service overall. To my delight and horror... the AP article contained my quote. You can see it here on Forbes

Our web traffic was up 300% last Saturday and we landed two sales (including one in Australia) directly from the press we got from the problems at AWS. Thanks guys, sorry it had to come that way.

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