Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dangers of Hyper SEO

SEO tactics have continuously become more sophisticated as marketers learn how to get the results they want from Google, Bing and Yahoo.  What we are hearing from the search engines however is that they are trying to give visitors the best possible experience by providing information that closely meets their search criteria.  Google and Bing both have indicated recently that so-called Hyper SEO tactics will become less effective as the search engines put more emphasis on freshness and quality of the content as well as social media signals.

Google recently announced Google+ Your World search which where google users will get results that include information from people they follow socially.  Matt Cutts, the chief of Google Webspam prevention went further in recent comments suggesting that those engaging in Hyper SEO practices run the possible risk of being delisted by Google.  

Hyper SEO tactics most commonly used are paid blog/comment postings and using mini sites to build links to sites.  The danger signal is when the search engine is seeing a lot of links to the root domain and not a lot of deep links.  Interesting sites generate lots of new page content and interested readers who share them.  

How do you deal with this change?  Simple start creating interesting content!  If you really engage in social media and start talking to your audience through blog and social outlets, your going to gain the benefits of the increased engagement and avoid getting slammed by Google.

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